Sarah :

I’m looking for a good website where i can post my poems and have others read and critique them! I’ve been doing this on yahoo, but i’m looking for a cite that is possibly strictly dedicated to poetry?
I am only 14, but i DO write a lot of really nice poems, i think. It’s what i am good at…

Thank you SO SO SO much!
surgical technologist

K-Baybee :

I’m a writer. and I want to write my boyfriend a poem for Christmas, but for once in my life I don’t know what to say. I have it, but it’s not good enough, so I wanted a website where I could get some advice and feedback, see what needs to be changed. anyone know of any ?? I could use all the help I can get.
pharmacy tech

Fly_grl :

hello, im a teen who’s also an aspiring writer. i’ve been lookin for a website where i can post my poems and short stories so that others can see and critique. i luv to write and my dream is to share what i luv to do with the world… somebody plz tell me the link to a good website. it would be most appreciated ! :)

Mrs. BuzzKillington :

I remember there was this one website I went to that had all different poems in all kinds of different categories, but I can’t remember the site.

Any other websites like that?
It doesn’t have to be just poems, I don’t think that other site was like that.

hermione_05_may :

also websites with different essays, folksongs,biography,epic and novel from different countries?
please,any help will do…

~PoeticPrincess~ :

i wanna kno where i can enter some of my poems on a website/websites?

Sonia :

I am starting a business with selling poems for various occasions. I want to do a website as well. What are the risks of having my work taken?

jσαnnα ♥ ☺ :

I found some good free websites that seem safe, but I’m not sure. I’m just afraid of my poems getting plagiarized. I worked hard on these poems and I think they’re really good, but I need some feedback.

mel_mk4him :

I am looking for a website to post my poems but I do not want one that has a lot of adds and popups…does anyone know and good free site?

Driiaax :

I like write poems and stories and would like to get feedback on them, does anyone know a website like that?

Any one know of a good website to post poems on?

pixie : I write poems in my spare time, and would like a good website to post them on for free so people can comment and give advice.

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can you please give me some poems or websites where i can find poems?

Ashlee : my friend is moving and i will not see her never again cuz she is moving far away and i want her to remember me so can you please give me some poems where it says that i apreciate her friendship.

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Anybody know of any good websites for poems?

hev_1985 : Like love poems or something. I want to find some but can’t really find any websites that have anything good.
Thank You.

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What website is good for posting poems on it?

Adam M : I have written 3 poems and I want to put them on a website. What good website do i put it on?

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