what are some safe websites to post my poems on where my work would most likely not get stolen?


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I found some good free websites that seem safe, but I’m not sure. I’m just afraid of my poems getting plagiarized. I worked hard on these poems and I think they’re really good, but I need some feedback.

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If you don’t want them plagiarized, then don’t put them online. No one site is safer than another. You put it out there and someone will take it, I guarantee

leigh j

As someone who has been writing for many years, I would not advise you publish your work on the internet AT ALL. The Internet is in the public domain and in the terms and agreements of most sites(if not all), you are personally held liable for whatever you post on the sites. If you need to post up anything, its best to get it copyrighted first and even so just excerpts should be given. Though in my thinking, it would be better to compile and publish. That way you’ll receive protection for your intellectual property.
People are always looking for all types of information including inspiration and they can sneak, and believe me most of them if not all, will sneak as little as 1 prophetic line from your work and WILL NOT give you credit for your work.
I understand your concern, as it has also been my concern as well. Remember the author of twilight book series? What happened with her?? Hope this has been helpful
PS. You can do what I’ve been doing that may be a bit more secure, when you compose something, pass it around to your friends and family in physical, visual form. in electronic forms like email, you information could be intercepted and stolen.

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This is something I’ve wondered about as well. Apparently you automatically own the copyright as soon as you’ve written something, and you should put © 2010 Your Name at the bottom, but if you were trying to sue someone for stealing it I think you’d need to be able to prove the exact date, and to do this you should register your work (posting it to yourself for the date stamp isn’t good enough). Have a look at

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