What are some good websites where I can post poems I have written?


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scarygirl95 :

i want a website where I can post poems i’ve written. somewhere where people can read them and post comments about them. a website that’s free, that doesn’t cost any money.

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Danny R

There are lots out there, but the main thing to consider is how much control would you like over what you post and how the access is managed. Many will enforce draconian censorship, based on background reports which make assumptions on certain words/word-groupings. They can also convert your text into a different format, with incorrect alterations to spelling etc etc. If you want to attract comments and critiques, but be aware…some can be harsh. The best way may be to set up a personal poems page/blog or MySpace, and post your work there, where you yourself have the ultimate say on how it is displayed and treated. otherwise, there are places like Poemhunter, Poet Bay etc etc etc (Big Tip…AVOID the Forums. Some of the administrators play there, pretending to be members, but banning anyone who shows them up for the arrogant pompous liars they are.) Enjoy your poetry, but watch who you share it with. ;¬)

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