Is there a website I can put my poems in?


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snookie :

My english teacher,Mrs. Nunn , says that she loves my poems and that i should start making my poems known to others.She suggested finding a website that lets me display my poems on the website.

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Make your own just to put them on there. I wouldn’t trust, I posted a few things there and I found out there little contest they have is a scam. Don’t trust sites that ask you pay to post or give you some incentive either.

Dancing Bee

for a complete list of magazines and e-zines go to

If you want to workshop your poems, there are plenty of places to do so. If you want hard, constructive criticism you should try, although I recommend you lurk there for a week or two before posting. They are tough, and you should know what you are getting into first.


you will usually attract more attention on a workshop site than on a display one. your final goal is probably hardcopy publication, but workshopping gets your name known (and may hone your skill).

i usually hang around the sparknotes site. some of the stuff posted there is frighteningly good:


If is still around, I would do that… It automatically copyrights and dates everything you write, so that if you see it printed somewhere else, you can prove it was stolen and it tons of money.

Plus, it is an awesome community.

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