How do I make it so that on my website, nobody can “copy and paste” my poems or songs?


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Tia :

I’m planning on making a website with my poems, short stories, and songs on them. But I do not want anybody who will be going on my website to be able to “copy and paste” the words. How do I do this?

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PC User

Create an image. Unfortunately, its that easy to save the image.

Ding! It just hit me. Java ^^

You can’t copy and paste from a command prompt style window. Unfortunately, copying by hand exists.


post them as a image file.
but there is no real way to keep them secure. they can always be acquired some way


Maybe you want to use a techniques like They use javascript to do this.
But actually, nothing cannot be copied from HTML page!?

Search google with “Javascript disable copy right click” u will get the temporary solution.

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