Does anyone know a website where you can post poems or short stories and not have to pay?


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Driiaax :

I like write poems and stories and would like to get feedback on them, does anyone know a website like that?

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You could check out Windows Live Spaces – You can set up a page and post your poems there.

Windows Outreach Team


Quzilla is awesome for that sort of thing.

josh m

fiction press. Can’t remember the website, search it. Great place, I use to use it all the time.


Or you could start a blog. There are lots of free sites out there just for the purpose of blogging. Here are a couple of them:

If you want, you can even use the blog feature on your MySpace, if you have one, or the Notes feature on your FaceBook, if you have one.

Ricky's Baby

i dont know if they give feedback but they will enter you in contests and stuff i love them!

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