Can i post my poems on this website?


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lynn :

I would really like to post my poems on this website. I have wrote 4 poems that i have put a lot of thought into and i would love to share them.
Thank you-lynn

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sure go ahead ive done it before

i’m sure you can,
but only by posting an answer or question-
i’m not sure how else you would be able to do so

Cherish B

I would not
this site is not set up for such things
I would however use my 360 for this type of thing and then invite people to go there and to view them.
or to places like myspace


why,not!!! Go For It…..

Ta Dah!

It’s not designed for posting poems.

What you could do is this:

Ask – Do you like this poem?
Then put the poem in the details area


I’m a part of the community there, and there are many talented writers who critique my work. It sounds perfect for what you’re trying to do, plus there’s a wider interested audience.

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